Card Sharks

Card Sharks

You are watching the serie Card Sharks belongs in Category Family, Game Show with duration 30 Min , broadcast at 123MOVIES.LA, On "Card Sharks" two contestants compete to complete a block of five consecutive playing cards by guessing whether the next card to be unveiled is higher or lower than the last one.To earn control of the board, one player predicted how many people out of one hundred would answer a question a certain way. An opponent then predicted whether the actual number would be higher or lower. The player whose prediction was closest to the correct number played the cards. The first player to win two games with the cards became the champ and played the "Money Cards".A player started the bonus round with $200 and was shown a base card. The player then wagered some or all of the money on whether the next card was higher or lower. They played seven cards, with the last wager a minimum bet of at least half their money.Jim Perry was the host of the 1978-1981 NBC daytime version, Bob Eubanks emceed the 1986-1989 CBS daytime version and Bill Rafferty did the 1986-1987 syndicated edition.

Duration: 30 Min

Release: 1978

Network: NBC

IMDb: 6.8